World Series bound

As a prepare for the World Series here is a list of everything I will be taking with me on my 10 day assignment.
1. Nikon D2X
2. Nikon D200
3. Nikon 17-35mm
4. Nikon 20-35mm
5. Nikon 80-200mm
6. Nikon 300mm
9. Nikon SB-800
12. Magic Arm with accessories
20. Various battery and cell phone chargers
22. Power inverter (thank you denis)
23. AM/FM Radio
24. Ipod
25. Pelican 1510 case
26. 3 packs AA Batteries
27. incase backpack
30. Pumas
31. Rain paints and jacket


wendy said...

Now I know what I will get when I rob you.

&rew said...

You bastard.
I was going to leave you a sweet note in reply to the one you left on my laptop, but you're going to the World Series.
So I curse you instead.

mike said...

put a body cap on that thing!

wendy said...

it belongs to UPI, shh, dont tell anyone.