Home Owner

After approximately nine months of searching, my lovely fiancee Ioana and I are now property owners. We recently purchased a two bedroom condo in Washington, DC's Takoma Park neighborhood.
Photos by Kathy Amano


&rew said...

hilarious! love 'em.

mike said...

Yes! Awesome!!! (Can I sleep on the floor?)

Dietsch said...

Mike, we got another room for you. I can even get a bunkbed if Andrew wants to come as well.

wendy said...

Wow! So, go to China and you buy a second condo? Touché.

&rew said...

Kevin, that's so sweet of you!
Mike, I get the top bunk.
Wendy, you may visit me there, if it's ok with Kevin and Ioana.
See y'all soon!